Parenting Support


Parenting is, perhaps, one of the most important, rewarding and challenging jobs we will ever do. As parents, we want the very best for our children. Yet, when we become a parent, we do not receive any training, and our children do not come with an instruction manual. Often, parents do not speak openly of the daily challenges that parenting can bring, and may think they are the only ones stressed, struggling or dealing with challenging behaviours.

Parenting support can assist you in dealing with the particular challenges you are facing, to discover, and reconnect with, your own inner strengths, and gain valuable resources for your parenting toolkit.

Parenting support aims to facilitate a deeper level of awareness in how you relate to your child, and how you might best support your child in navigating their own internal emotional landscape. Thus, encouraging the development of their emotional intelligence in a way that brings about more meaningful connections for them, as well as the whole family.

Parenting is a process and a continuous learning experience.

  • Inniu provides:
  • Parental wellbeing, self-care and stress management
  • Induvidual parenting programmes
  • Behaviour management
  • Support in managing aggressive/abusive behaviour from a child/young person using the Non-Violent Resistance Programme (NVR)
  • Joint Parent-child relationship work
  • Parental support during separation
  • Attachment
  • Supporting your child with emotional issues
  • Day-to-day challenges eg. routines, bedtime, etc.